National Heroes’ Medical Assistance

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According to the Veterans of the Liberation struggle Act (17:12) part 3 (12)(a)(iii), “medical and dental benefits shall consist of medical and dental treatment at a Government health institution…”. However, in the case that medical treatment is unavailable at a government institution, treatment may be sought from private medical practitioners. In such cases, a referral letter from a government health institution must be provided when applying for medical assistance.


  • Certified copy of the Primary Beneficiary’s Liberation War Veterans Identity Card
  • Certified Copy of National identity Card or Passport
  • Certified copy of dependant’s long Birth and National I.D.
  • Certified copy of Marriage Certificate (spouse)
  • Referral letter from government health institution
  • Copy of prescription
  • X3 quotations for medicine required
  • Bill from government health institution and/or private medical service provider
  • Official receipt of payment (in case of application for reimbursement)
  • Proof of banking details i.e. bank statement (in case of application for reimbursement)

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